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YATAI New Material

Pre-roller coated aluminum coil solutions quality supplier

Introduction of international leading coating technology and efficient customization of various color coated products

Coating the world
Make the buildings safer
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Yatai | Trusted Pre-painted Aluminum Coil Supplier in China

One-stop solution for pre painted aluminum coil & sheet

Yatai, as a leading pre painted aluminum sheet supplier, offers a wide range of painted products including coil, sheet, plate and shapes for pre painted aluminum coil. We specialize in customized programs and value-added services to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Continuous efforts are made to provide the highest quality aluminum coil and services.

Industry standard setter for pre painted aluminum coils

Professional aluminum sheet supplier with experienced R&D team, innovation to create artisanal products

All raw materials for superior aluminum coil are from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad

Lean production management, super national standard testing process

Roll coated aluminum coil technology, overturning the traditional process

20 years of process precipitation, to ensure product quality

  • More than 60 R&D patents
  • More than 2000 print styles
  • 24 hours to customize
  • Aluminum Corporation of China quality base material guarantee
  • Professional roller coating testing equipment
  • 12 product quality inspection
  • 51 high standard processes
  • Eisenmann imported four-roller coating equipment
  • All kinds of specifications can be customized
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Yatai is one of the leading aluminum sheet suppliers for over a decade, we have been consistently innovating and improving the quality of our aluminum coil and sheet to meet the ongoing challenges of a changing world, here are some cases mostly made of aluminum coils and sheets.


About us

We provide our customers with high-quality pre roll coated aluminum coils and plates and have established strategic cooperation with multiple well-known enterprises both domestically and internationally.

Provide comprehensive supporting solutions for your aluminum coil from order placement to delivery.

Quality Supply

Strategic Cooperation

  • AkzoNobel AkzoNobel
  • PPG油漆 PPG油漆
  • 威士伯油漆 威士伯油漆
  • 南山控股 南山控股
  • 魏桥创业 魏桥创业
  • 中国铝业东北轻合金 中国铝业东北轻合金
  • 中国铝业西南铝业 中国铝业西南铝业
  • 中南钢构 中南钢构
  • 卓宝科技 卓宝科技
  • 中国铁建 中国铁建
  • 中国建筑第八工程局 中国建筑第八工程局
  • 中国建筑第二工程局 中国建筑第二工程局
  • 西蒙金属吊顶 西蒙金属吊顶
  • 万事达 万事达
  • 上海浦飞尔 上海浦飞尔
  • 钢之杰 钢之杰
  • 山东领航新材料 山东领航新材料
  • 山东金诺 山东金诺
  • 森特士兴 森特士兴
  • 七色板业 七色板业
  • 巨星铭创 巨星铭创
  • 金霸建材 金霸建材
  • 上海吉祥建材集团 上海吉祥建材集团
  • 鸿星科技 鸿星科技
  • 方大集团股份有限公司 方大集团股份有限公司
  • 多维联合集团 多维联合集团
  • Hunter Douglas Hunter Douglas

We not only provide reliable aluminum coils and sheets, but also provide perfect service!

  • Exclusive customization for pre painted aluminum coils’ pattern samples
  • Fast delivery for your aluminum coils in 3-7 days
  • Strict and perfect technical service process even after you receive aluminum coils
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